APT prepare the teachers to use child centered Pedagogies in classroom transaction and to take up Action Research for a continuous learning and professional development.

Students’ ability to acquire information virtually anywhere and at any time is a game changer. Students are no longer wholly dependent on the teacher to gather information. But, the teacher is a critical resource for directing students’ learning efforts and helping students to learn independently.

21st century learning suggests a very different kind of schooling. Not all knowledge is transmitted in the school and learning is not exclusive to the classroom. Arguably, most of the learning that occurs today occurs outside the classroom. Therefore, the focus must shift to giving students the tools to learn. This vision of education recognizes that much of the learning that occurs is outside of the teacher’s control. “If we look carefully, most of those changes in the way people acquire information are occurring outside the schools.” (p. 5, Collins and Halverson, 2009). Technology has enabled students to take control of their own learning and much of that process occurs outside the classroom. Hence it is very important to develop and encourage Self Regulated Learning among the students which can lead them a sustained and lifelong learning.

The first years of life are critical years of human life. The rate of development in these years are more rapid than at any other stage of development. Research in neuro-science confirms the importance of the early years in a child’s life particularly since 90% of brain development has already taken place by the time a child is six years of age. Research also indicates that the development of the brain is influenced not only by health, nutrition and quality of care but also by the quality of the psycho-social environment the child is exposed to in these early years.

Hence we introduce a unique Pre-School Education in the name of "EDU-CARE PRE-SCHOOL" based on APT EDU-CARE Academic Framework


APT Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. strives the teachers to learn and practice participatory pedagogy so as to develop 21st Century skills among their students. Also to achieve success in the profession of teaching through continuous growth and learning by making use of one’s own knowledge and experiences by taking up action Research to transform the K-12 education through transforming practices.”


Dr. Manulal G

M.Sc(Phy), M.Sc(Psy), M.Com(Edn Mngt), M.Ed, M.Phil, PhD,
LLB(Gen), P.G.D.M.E, P.G.D.G&C,
P.G.D.H.R, P.G.J.M.C.

He has more than 32 years of experience in the various areas of the field of education.

His passionate areas are Pedagogy, Action Research,Curriculum Design and Development, Training , Development of teachers CPD Modules , Counselling and Guidanceetc.He has received many accolades in every areas he worked ; CBSE Advisor( Training); Head Pedagogy – VV Corporate Academic Council ; Principal at national and International levels, etc.


  • Ex- Advisor ( Training) ,Centre Of Excellence- Central Board of secondary Education, Delhi
  • Ex- Head Pedagogy , Corporate Academic Council , Velammal Education Trust, Chennai
  • 20 years’ experience as Principal in National and International Schools.
  • Developed more than 20 teachers training modules and conducted hundreds of training programmes.
  • Published many articles in national and international level


V.R Jayaprasad

MBA(Edn Mngt), MA(Pol.Sc), M.Phill, PGDHE, PGDG&C

V.R Jayaprasad is an experienced teacher trainer and 36 years service as teacher and principal of college and CBSE schools in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Dubai. He is a consultant and contributor for school education. His Teacher Training is practical in nature and cutting edge in content. He is working as Resource person for CBSE and has worked for many empaneled agencies from 2010. He has made training and workshop for over 300 schools. Passionate about making a difference in teaching learning, he has excellent training program design and development skills and good presentation and communication abilities.


  • Good understanding of various technologies and media for presentations
  • Stays current with the latest research in education methods
  • Excellent in assessment and feed back in curriculum deign.
  • Understands the classroom issues teachers commonly encounter
  • Excellent in developing learning standard national and international level competency identification and delivery
  • Career Development and Occupational Studies


Chaitanya Chilamkuri

M.A, B.Ed

The combination of dynamic and activity based teaching, training and administration for twenty five years both at national and international levels has embedded the perfect blend as a successful teacher, trainer, administrator and academic strategist. Expert in designing Integrated Foundation for all Competitive Test such as Olympiads, IIT JEE &NEET, Verbal and Quantitative Ability Tests, His main areas of interest are Instructional Management & Strategic Management.


  • Ex Head Training, Velammal New Gen Groups of Schools Chennai.
  • More than 25 years teaching expert.
  • 15 years of experience as Principal of schools in International & National levels


Principal – Little flower English Medium School Malappuram

Thanks a lot for the commendable services that you have rendered towards us.
Thank you so much for your guidance & leadership. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Fr Dr Mathew Thengumpally – Christ Central School Thiruvalla.

You were doing a wonderful job in the post as COE. Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement that you gave me mainly during the last one year.
Please be in touch so that I can cherish a lot from you. My sincere prayers and best wishes in your new assignment.

Annie Mathen – Bhavan’sVidyaMandir Pathanamthitta

I am much thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Capacity Building programmes,especially as the Resource Person,being monitored by you.Certainly ,we will miss your leadership and advice.

Wish you all the best and hope to receive your service again. Thanking you, once again.

Dr Abdul JaleelPerla – Aliya Senior Secondary School

From day one onward the support you have given cannot be forgotten in my entire life. You were the only person in CBSE that picked the call any time we rang , gave the earliest solutions and supported us in the best possible manner.

Your have run too much for the COE is well known to all in Kerala. To be very frank it is a huge loss to us. You were unbiased in your approaches and highly reliable. I will cherish the memories of your relationship and support forever in my life, Thank you so so so very much Sir

Joykuttyphilip – Martha Mariyam School Kothamangalam

Thanks a lot for your wonderful service. you could make a movement by your training programmes. Best wishes for your future.

Kalyani Balakrishna – Paramekkavu VidyaMandir Thrissur

It is this personal touch of yours that has endeared you to the principals of the TVM region. In the short time that you were here you have made a difference. You were extremely approachable and we definitely are going to miss your presence.

Wish you the very best for your next venture where also I am sure you are going to leave your mark of excellence.

DurugojiRaoKunthe – Sri Ranganath International School, Bagalkot

We had a great time to spend with you conducting a lot of training sessions under Capacity Building Progrmmes, our special appreciations and love is always there with you in whatever position and place you will be there in CBSE. We thank you again having given a slot for us to hold a workshop on Mathematics under CBP-CBSE at our school this year which was of great learning experience for all of us. We wish you a happy days ahead in the respective field of your choice.

R B MATHUR – DPS, MRPl, Mangalore

We would have not reached to this height without your support and confidence in us.
All the best for your upcoming responsibilities I am sure you will keep flying your flag high up wherever you go.

Shreelatha Rao – Ramannashetty School

Dear Sir, It had been great working under your guidance though for a short time. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

AnithaEmerse – St George Public School Mannoor

I am extremely thankful to you for the efforts taken by you for providing training to the
Principals and teachers in various areas. I wish you all the best in your future ventures.

Mouladevi – Dy. Director, Velammal Education Trust, Chennai

You are a great legend. An asset to our institution. Beyond all this you are a soft natured, caring and affectionate person. You are a Gem of a man. Thanks a lot sir for your guidance. Still finding words to express my thanks.Take care sir. May God Bless you with good health.

Geetha R Seshan – Head Curriculum – Corporate Academic Council, Velammal Education Trust, Chennai

It has been a really wonderful experience working with you. Getting into the core details in every little work is something I learnt from you. I wish you a speedy recovery. Please stay connected, I am yet to learn many things from you.

Parameswaran Muralidharan

Thank you so much for all the support and guidance. With a heavy heart I am bidding farewell to you. Wish you all the best Sir!

PALI-Ganesan SE TAMIL, Velammal Education Trust, Chennai

Your work is wonderful The subject especially pedagogy very useful to me so many Tamil class 5 E Models very useful

Commissioner Mr S Selvaraj – Velammal Education Trust, Chennai

It was a wonderful experience to have academic interaction with you because of your expertise in the subject especially pedagogy. Wish you all the very best!

Valarmathi SME – Velammal Education Trust, Chennai

Thank you so much sir. You are a treasure of knowledge. I learnt lot from you

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