APT Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. company is a great initiative by well experienced and qualified Educators to support Effective teaching learning process. It is a fact that over the last several decades, the industrial economy based on manufacturing has shifted to a service economy driven by information, knowledge and Skills; which made the 21st century skills become indispensable for the students to participate, achieve and to successfully compete in the present day world . In the present Knowledge –based society Knowledge is increasing at an astonishing rate and students need the skills to effectively find, analyze, and communicate this knowledge, which emphasis the need of developing self regulated learning techniques among them. And, with knowledge at their fingertips, it is the analysis, evaluation and application of knowledge to solving problems that has taken center stage along with creativity and innovation skills.

This emphasise the need of quality education by adopting appropriate participatory/child Centered pedagogical strategies by each teacher which can develop the skills among the students especially in their formative stage; ie K-12 levels of education , the crucial stage in one’s life.

EDU-CARE is the Pre-school brand of APT Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Hence the APT Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. focuses our services based on the core features given below:

1. The Services to the schools having classes I-XII will be based on the APT FRAMEWORK

2. For Pre-School stage, the services will be based on EDU-CARE ACADEMIC FRAMEWORK


APT Framework

In the present scenario, each classroom come across unique challenges and problems which demand customized solutions. This emphasis the need of each teacher a good observer and a researcher to take up Action Research ,and their classroom a good lab. Hence, Teachers need a very different set of skills; they can no longer rely on lecture and other one-way methods of delivery, and must instead become learning facilitators and a change agent. Professional development will play a central role in fostering these changes and APT is a means through which an educator can achieve the same.

This has changed the very objective of Education as well.That is why the National curriculum Framework( NCF)-2005 ,subsequent directives by all boards, especially CBSE advocated for child Centered Pedagogy and CBSE write in the Sr& sec School Curriculum as under;” Pedagogical Practices by Teachers:

The pedagogical practices should be learner centric. It is expected of a teacher to ensure an atmosphere for students to feel free to ask questions. They would promote active learning among students with a focus on reflections, connecting with the world around them, creating and constructing knowledge. The role of a teacher should be that of a facilitator who would encourage collaborative learning and development of multiple skills through the generous use of resources via diverse approaches for transacting the curriculum.” Hence, the services offered by Centre for Action Research in Education And Pedagogy Training( CARE APT) is so important and essential in ensuring Participatory Pedagogies in the classrooms and be proficiency in Action research by each teacher and thereby they can be a facilitator and change agent for a transformative education in the present knowledge based society.


In the Pre-School stage every child -three- Six Years of age- is a unique individual and has skills and abilities that can be further enhanced and developed through a good early education programme which include different paces of development . Domain of development should ensures that the child develops physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually to their full potential. Thus, the main aim of providing quality education during the early years is to enable the child to develop as a holistic individual and realise his/her potential to the fullest in all the areas of development. An essential precondition for providing quality education is an enabling and stimulating learning environment which has been carefully designed and is child friendly, which made APT to develop and launch EDU-CARE PRE-SCHOOL system.

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